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About Me

I was born in Ethiopia, grew up in Germany, settled in Canada and lived in the United States. My life has consisted of understanding various cultures and learning three languages along the way. My life experience has allowed me to have a vast knowledge of cross-cultural needs. Graduating from the University of Calgary in Urban Planning and actively volunteering in the cause of diversity and anti-racism since then. When the UofC Campus did not have an African-Caribbean Students association, I was on the front lines of launching a student club. Seeing the needs whether, in student body government or corporations, I am passionate about leading the charge.  

I work closely with corporations, faith-based organizations and not-for-profit organizations in facilitating conversations on diversity, cross-cultural issues, racism in the workplace.

For the last ten years, I ran programs and seminars for Faith-based organizations, Charities, and Corporations. I believe that educating on the current issues helps businesses and organizations gain tools, guidance, and support. As of February 2021, I have been appointed on the Anti-Racism Committee with the Calgary Police. 

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