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Equipping tomorrow's leaders in workplace
inclusion and diversity

Strategic Diversity Specialist

Strategy that delivers

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging is part of any corporation's values and culture. Your organization can learn its implicit bias, understand the global trends, develop strategic communication and be inclusively excellent. We help your organization make conscious decisions to create impactful change.

Giftii's vast experience provides a unique perspective. She has worked for various corporations and faith-based organizations to bring change. She creates bridges when there is a gap in communication and engaging in tough conversations on inclusion and diversity.

Giftii has spoken in front of hundreds of people on the issue of breaking barriers and increasing understanding of the lack of diversity and how systemic change can occur.  She communicates to empower and educate her audience. Specializing in authentic leadership and organizational culture, she has worked closely with many Not-for-profit groups to create programs to help immigrants in Canada transition, become employable and understand the corporate culture. She has worked in faith-based organizations to address social justice issues and tackling racism.

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Keynote Presentations

Every business desires to grow and improve its operations in diversity and inclusion. Keynote Presentations are customizable to the topics your organization requires. Book Giftii today to present to your organization on the following topics:

  • Harnessing the Power of Diversity 

  • Understanding why diversity is important 

  • Inclusive Leadership 

  • Diversity and Inclusion for greater business results

Giftii is able to speak on topics to your organization upon request.

Diversity Coaching

When working with your organization to provide a custom diversity coaching service, we would first begin with an in-depth cultural intelligence assessment. The cultural intelligence assessment will take your business from where it is to a high-involvement diversity practice.

Your organization will have increased results in the following areas:

  • Improved Engagement

  • Counteracting Unconscious Bias

  • Diversity and Inclusion assessment 

  • Work closely with your Proprietary Systems

  • Improving the formal process of onboarding and dealing with bias

Customizable Program

The initial consultation provides Giftii with information to create a customized program, course or even to host a retreat. We work with you to find what’s best suited for your organization. Whether you are looking to launch a new program, hear a presentation, receive assistance on dialogue with peers, employees or members, or are looking for targeted strategies proven to be effective; there are no limits to the availability of services you can book today.

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